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Monday, November 09, 2009

University of California Berkeley students roll a giant sushi serpent


love it!


1. Brezilian bbq Espetus in San Francisco
2. Grey's Anotomy Season 6
3. Iphone Shazam application
4. Ben&Jerry's Chunky Monkey!
5. www.overstock.com

yes! life is here passing by eating, eating and watching, watching... great to be student again! thankssss life!

getting used to a new culture..

yes we passed halloween week in San francisco... what a different culture! It was scary though! but I enjoyed a lot... seeing people outside with a totally absurd clothes, getting used to be pointed by hands of totally strangers because of my costume... it was not easy..
maybe halloween or costume parties are the only days that people look at you in the streets.. here, we are living a life where nobody cares each other's actions.. so it is sometimes weird after my culture but it is absolutely better! be American be flexible!

more lessons on the way...

passing trough a time period where I analyze myself and others I see the rights and wrongs easier than ever.. Issues about leadership or teamwork are totally different for me now.. I hope one day I can also look myself from above and see the person I wanna see now...
today a lesson learned: Do not push your ideas to people you work with, try to make them their own ideas otherwise they will never involve with all their heart to make it perfect! and your dreams will fly away....