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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first trip with virgin airlines

It was on the way back from San Diego which we took the plane to SFO. What a mistake! We thought it could be less time to arrive home but it became the same.. We waited 4 hours for our flight and I dont know if you know the SD airpot but there was nothing to do. Thank God to technology we had one laptop and two iphones!!
So we arrived in 7 hours which is the exact time to drive from SD to SF.. But the good thing was the meeting of Virgin airlines. The plane was so new and good looking.. Everybody had a screen which may sound normal but we didn't have even when we went to CR...

The most exciting amd scary thing was the access to wireless internet in flight.. This is so cool but not neccessary for a flight for 1 hour... The games, TV channels were way too much for whole flight..
The blue color in the plane was also one of the cool items that they put.. I guess the quality and experience we had was too much comparing to their price.. I will definitely choose again Virgin...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Turkey & Turkish food at 'No Reservation'

So this video is about my hometown which I missed a lotttttt! and besides food you can see how beautiful living there.. you can feel the warmth of the city and it is everywhere.. So do not die until you see Turkey.. It is really worth it to see.. hope this video touches you too like me..

Friday, January 22, 2010

My purple flower on the way..

So I am not a photographer.. But like everyone else I dream about taking the best picture when I am doing... so this was my project when I was in road trip to San Diego...

We stopped at Santa Barbara for the night and stayed in a good hotel Sandpiper Inn.. I really recommend it for one night stay.. It is very close to downtown and was very clean for that kind of hotel.. Anyway, we went to Botanic Garden in Santa Barbara.. Unfortunately, because it was not spring there were not much colorful flowers. But this flower with its lovely colors purple and white was so cute..

I think it was a successful photo for a person like me.. haha..
Anyways, Check out that garden if you ever pass by Santa Barbara.. Here is the link: http://www.sbbg.org/

Thursday, January 14, 2010

what a trip..

It was long time ago that I had a vacation that long and lots of adventures...
I never dreamed about this trip with that much expectations but it turned out to be the most beautiful one.. I was expecting having a family time and rest that's all..
If you want to relax, have fun, do some interesting stuff, explore the nature, feel like doing nothing, go to Cost Rica.. of course, I have to admit the fact of ants and tarantulas were not the best part of the vacation.. but Montezuma Paradise saved me for that reason I guess.

We started to our vacation with a relaxing massage on the beach with palm trees in a shadow...
Than we continued to see waterfalls and we did a tour with quads.
It wasn't that is all of course...

We did Canopy tour which was not for the people who are like me who scares from everything... but once I started I had to enjoy because I had no other choice.
Then...We did Horse riding by the beach to see the moon rise. How interesting this activity right? I never knew..

Everything was one of a kind life experience.. Once again I noticed how I am lucky to have a sister there and chance to go there...
The new year was fantastic with fire dancing, fireworks and lots of fires on the beach...
Cool place to live and enjoy.. Montezuma.. Buttt of course this vacation could not be the best if my sister's super foods! Organico is the best restaurant around the world.. because it is made by one special person who loves what she does and I think it passes to her food..
Best of Organico:
1. Chocolic
2. Bowl of Love Salad
3. Coco Lover
4. Passionate
5. Breakfast Taco
6. Dragon Bowl
7. Spicy Thai Burger
8. Falafel Burger
9. Banana Peanut Butter Ice cream
10. Aztech Chocolate Ice cream

best movie of 2009

the best movie of 2009 for me is the Hangover! I never laughed that much on a movie.. it is smart and not cheap at all.. I hate cheap comedy at all but this one was phenomenal. please do not waste your time and go watch it.. it is sad to watch before my p.i.c. was planning to go Las Vegas for bachelor party! no chance! sorry.. hahaha

I put my favorite actor in the movie.. he was incredible!

Zach Galifianakis
was perfect perfect perfect...