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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ted Conference Jamie's speech

Jamie is an English guy who became very successful for his food T.V. shows in UK... I don't know how he will be inspiring about healthy food awareness in USA but it is for sure that USA needs that men's inspiration... I am sick of seeing people eating unhealthy things... After 40 years old they will not come back to these days and they will get angry to themselves. At least, the smokers are used to have this attitude when they became 80...
Life is not short if you think how many years you have in front.. Treat your body as your child not your enemy...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

2010 plans

Read more Italian blogs
Learn to cook Vietnamese
Blog on gluten free life
Go to Brazil
Read Dalai Lama
Find inner peace
Twitter more
Go more for biking
Take fantastic photos!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

it's all about ice cream...

Berkeley is still surprising me with its neighborhoods...
The College Avenue is one the most popular towns around Berkeley and now I discovered new, an incredible ice cream shop. Ici Ice cream shop is where you have to go when you come to College Avenue.. In fact you will probably see the link in front door and wonder (like me) what's going on..and just get into line..

So we waited like 10 minutes and after that we came to Paradise...
Not only they have gluten free cones, they have incredibly creative flavors which also they are gluten free...
Rosemary pine-nut praline, honey lavender, and coffee ice cream were beyond something out of this world.. After I ate it, I was planning when to go back...
The store's design and prettiness is fascinating, I love pink and I love ice cream... Nothing can take me away from ice cream! here is the link: http://www.ici-icecream.com/

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Sprout Building Brands On Social Networks Feb 4th 2010

Check this presentation of Sprout today about the social media networks...

Building Brands on Social Networks conference

Today I attended to the seminar about social media and the brands.

It was useful and refreshing about the improvements and new applications
of marketing activities in social media.
Understanding the metrics of social media is definitely the major factor which will drive this media to grow.
Building relationships with consumers via social media needs more involvement then a regular marketing activities in traditional media..
We'll see what will happen next... stay tuned! haha