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Monday, May 17, 2010

Google Wonder Wheel – What’s that all about?

Google Wonder Wheel – What’s that all about?

Google Wonder Wheel is the newest application which shows the related keywords to your search criteria.. So look for yourself.. it's fun and scary at the same time since it shows how Google can tell about you more and more everyday...

Sorry Monday posts are like this! cheers!

Sunday, May 09, 2010

so much going on

I had gone for long time no idea why. I guess I was not in the mood of writing what I observe or live.. It was the fastest months of my life.. School was about the finish.. so I had huge exams, presentations and other stuff like this.. Then I went to Turkey to visit my family and friends..

Now I am back to real world.. when there is no class all day and weekends are not teacher's but mine!

So what is interesting in Bay Area? Definitely: Bay to Breakers this Sunday http://www.baytobreakers.com/
Is it a Parade or race? long day waiting for us! I am sure I will be able to see some classic San Francisco scenes!

Happy Friday..