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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My first trip with virgin airlines

It was on the way back from San Diego which we took the plane to SFO. What a mistake! We thought it could be less time to arrive home but it became the same.. We waited 4 hours for our flight and I dont know if you know the SD airpot but there was nothing to do. Thank God to technology we had one laptop and two iphones!!
So we arrived in 7 hours which is the exact time to drive from SD to SF.. But the good thing was the meeting of Virgin airlines. The plane was so new and good looking.. Everybody had a screen which may sound normal but we didn't have even when we went to CR...

The most exciting amd scary thing was the access to wireless internet in flight.. This is so cool but not neccessary for a flight for 1 hour... The games, TV channels were way too much for whole flight..
The blue color in the plane was also one of the cool items that they put.. I guess the quality and experience we had was too much comparing to their price.. I will definitely choose again Virgin...

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