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Thursday, January 04, 2007

we celebrated the new year at Kartanesi Hotel Uludag. We just played pocker and Americano! and eat, drink and sleep was the only activities I did:) I am totally not lucky at card plays so I had to drink 3 shots of vodka and eat the whole desert menus on the bufe! shit! I got 2 kg already from these bets! I started to the new year by loosing these games and my money :(.. I hope I will be lucky the rest of the year!
Happy New Year to you all!


kaplumkurbaga said...

what an international blog is this:)
i will write my comment first english anf after turkish so all the readers can understand
iyi seneler herkese
hayyp new year to all of you :)

guliz said...

hahaha thanks! sanada iyi seneler canimmmmm!

kaplumkurbaga said...

bloggerların yüz karası:)))
hiçmi ilgilenmez insan