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Sunday, August 29, 2010

girly or not girly!

There are many rumors about Fitflop. Some says they are really working and helping people to shape their body. Some people say it can harm your body if you over use. Personally, I hated their shape and style that's why I didn't want to use. Like Sketchers sneakers which are high in bottom looks very ugly and not girly at all.

Nowadays I really don't understand the fashion. All the things made for girls look like them as a boy. Look at the shoes.. I don't know why they want to look like a man. Ok, maybe they are comfy but no matter what I don't see a point in this fashion.

The latest fashion Toms shoes are also another type of very masculine look shoes. Sorry but my fashion level is not good enough to understand these. Please girls don't try to be comfortable if you are going to look like men! I know it's painful but it is worth it to look like women!

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